Our vision and purpose as Christians


Over the week we’ve been challenged to consider our purpose in life, and as it moved us we’d like to bring you the same challenge: Do we really know what our purpose as Christians is? Why are we living in this world?

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Forgive me Lord that I take life quite easy…


 Forgive me, Lord, that I take life quite easy sometimes when things are actually so serious.

I sin, and I repent, and I am forgiven because of God’s grace, and goodness towards me but where is the seriousness of your word from my heart? You said: “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation.” You are great, and loving God but there are righteousness and justice in your Kingdom. I want You, Lord, to restore that godly fear in my heart, and wake me once again.

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Do Faith and Works go together?


Hey guys,

So here we go, first Youth meeting of the year!
And, of course, it was a very special and important time, as we shared our vision and expectations for 2017 as young people.

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