Forgive me Lord that I take life quite easy…


 Forgive me, Lord, that I take life quite easy sometimes when things are actually so serious.

I sin, and I repent, and I am forgiven because of God’s grace, and goodness towards me but where is the seriousness of your word from my heart? You said: “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation.” You are great, and loving God but there are righteousness and justice in your Kingdom. I want You, Lord, to restore that godly fear in my heart, and wake me once again.

Make me aware that life is much more serious than how I perceive it, and time is so short here on earth. Make me aware that you want to use me in such a powerful way, and that there is no time for sleeping in your service.

My eyes, Lord, let them be fixed on YOU only, and my heart always open to hearing Your voice, and act in obedience. As You’ve said Jesus that once we’ve started to work for your Kingdom, as workers at the plough, we cannot look back (Luke 9:62), so I desire Lord, to not look back into the world.

How can I say that I believe, You are Jesus, the One who saves me, and yet, not trust You enough for my life?

Lord, take full control of my life and make my life “burn” for You, and for Your Kingdom. I want all people to know You, and hear your Good News that can save them. I want to know them all with you in Heaven, rejoicing and giving You all the glory that you deserve. Thank You, Jesus, for saving me. Thank You, Lord, so much.

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