Our vision and purpose as Christians


Over the week we’ve been challenged to consider our purpose in life, and as it moved us we’d like to bring you the same challenge: Do we really know what our purpose as Christians is? Why are we living in this world?

Isaiah told us that “the grass withers and the flowers fade away, but the Word of our God endures forever.” (Isaiah 40:8). So, if we know this and understand that God’s word will be forever true, while everything else around us loses its shine, why don’t we spend more time pursuing God’s will and purpose for our lives?

It’s clear that we don’t have to worry about things in the natural, however, what do we spend most of our time doing? We often find ourselves trapped searching for the perfect job, house, husband or wife. Mathew encourages us not to be anxious about these things but to seek the kingdom of God first. Our heavenly Father knows what we need and He will provide us with all those things. (Mat. 6:25-34).

Seeing how our generation lives and the pace at which things are happening, can we be satisfied as Christians to live that same life? We are called to be light in this world and I believe that for that to happen, we have to seek the Lord more and serve Him wholeheartedly, knowing that He has a plan and He will always go before us. We need to think less about ourselves and put others and our service for Christ first.

Let’s trust the Lord, take courage and be assured that He goes before us and He will always make a way for His will to be accomplished.

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