The Joy of our Salvation…


There is one kind of joy that is inexpressible, still, makes us share it with everyone. That is the joy of our Salvation in you Lord.

The joy of your Spirit in my heart that has adopted me into your Kingdom, the joy of knowing Jesus, the One who died and rose again for me. The joy of being reconciled forever with the Father, the Creator and Supreme Lover of the world. That is Your joy in me. A joy which is everlasting, overwhelming and abounding in life and peace. A kind of joy that truly satisfies me.

It is only your sacrifice on the cross Jesus that has set me free. That is Your free gift of love that You’ve given me. Thank you so much for having gone before me Jesus, having made a way for me and having prepared a place for me in your Father’s House.

For this and for everything you are and will be doing, I praise you… from all my heart! I will praise you… until my last breath but then I know I will still praise you- forevermore.

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