God is looking for Abraham’s


A few Sunday’s ago a sister shared a prophetic Word with the church. The Lord clearly told us that He is looking for Abraham’s.

That day I thought I understood what God was asking of us, but as I spent time in His presence, the greatness and depth of His Word were unveiled. I’m not sure if I understand it fully yet, but in Abraham, I see a simple man of faith, who was chosen and set apart by God. Abraham was not perfect and he certainly didn’t have life altogether. Abraham was impatient, which led him to have a son, Ishmael, which was not the promised one by God. However, with all his weaknesses, Abraham continually surrendered to God and obeyed His voice and will.

Abraham was sensitive and ready to obey whatever God asked of Him. It was certainly not easy at times, his faith was often tested, but he always obeyed, knowing that the Lord had a greater plan ahead.

It is overwhelming to see how Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, trusting that God could raise Him from the dead. That is the kind of faith we all ought to have.

Today, where are you in your faith? How much do you trust God and patiently wait upon Him to work in your life?

Let’s not forget that God is looking for people with Abraham’s faith and heart.


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