A serving Heart


I want to tell you about somebody who commented in a social media group I belong to. She had some baby clothes which for the first time in her life, she had decided to gift rather than to sell. However, the person who responded to her post couldn’t drive, so grudgingly the lady agreed to drop off the baby clothes. She openly admitted in her post that it felt strange to gift rather than gain money from a sale and that she resented having to drive over to drop off the clothes!

However, once she had completed her task, she wrote a new post in the group stating that she had never felt happier!

Jesus encourages us to have that servant’s heart, because it goes exactly against our flesh and desire to gain, whether that is status in life or possessions. The world tells us to be the best and be the boss to gain respect.  Jesus tells us to be humble and serve each other.
Why? Because like the lady with the clothes, it costs us in the natural, but it’s good for the soul!

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