Am I good enough?

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Do you often feel the conviction to do something, but doubt whether you’re good or skilled enough to do it? Maybe you feel like the challenge is too big or it’s completely outside of your comfort zone.

Once we also felt that way, but then we realised that God is not looking for perfect people, He’s not waiting for us to have it all together, in order to come and serve Him. But rather God is looking for people who are willing to serve Him with all our weaknesses, and mistakes. God is calling us to come to Him as we are, to surrender and to trust Him.

God created the whole world! How can we limit Him and think that because we are not good at this or at that we cannot do what He is calling us to do? When the Lord calls us to do something He will equip and give us the power, the knowledge and the skills to do it well.

In 2 Corinthians 12:10, Paul says “For when I am weak, then I am strong”. By His power, God is able to transform us in the perfect vessels. He can use our weaknesses, so that He will be revealed through us.

There are so many souls to be saved! God is able to do anything with us and through us. We just have to come before Him as we are and with what we have!

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