The Hope of Glory…


“The Hope of Glory”… what does it actually mean?

So many things can come our way! So many things can come to our mind! But I tell you… there is only one thing that can be identified with this words.

What is it? In better words, who? who is He, worthy of such Glory, in whom we can put all our trust and our lives?

The Lord, our God Jesus Christ. He is the only one who is worthy of such sentence. We mustn’t doubt the power that He carries. We, as Christians, are not perfect, and we will never be.  Anyway, we are not called to be perfect, but rather we are called to be obedient, humble and servants of God’s kingdom. God is no longer looking for offerings or material things. To Be real… to be real and clear… God has never been interested in offerings or sacrifices. Rather, we must acknowledge that the only thing that God, Jesus Christ is expecting from us is an OPEN HEART, a Given Life.

Do you feel the Heart of Jesus for us?

He will never condemn us, and no one has the authority to judge us. Put your burdens upon him, who saves, and you will be set free.


IMG_6051 copy

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