July 2017: My Trip to the UK for the Youth Camp – Part 2

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It was the middle of May and I got a phone call; my passport was here, it had arrived and my sister’s hadn’t. There was no way… it had been three and a half months. I had my new passport but now I needed the visa; registration for camp had now opened and without knowing whether or not I was able to go, I registered…

Long story short, the visa process was long and it was now the beginning of June. I needed an answer and I needed it fast. After a long three weeks of waiting, my passport was back from the UK with an answer; there it was, a visa to the UK stamped into one of the pages of my new passport. In the meantime, as the trip started to look like it was going to cost more than I thought, I received an email from a family member saying that they were willing to pay for my whole trip. In all honesty, looking back at all these tiny miracles, the Lord was truly amazing. And He didn’t stop there. Okay, so now that I had my passport, visa, and fees covered, reality hit me in the face… This was crazy.

I had never travelled alone, I had never been overseas, and to top it off, I had a major anxiety problem, which in the past had stopped me from doing a lot. So this was a pretty big thing for me… And all of a sudden it took hold of me again, and I couldn’t do it… I was about to tell my parents I just couldn’t go, when they came to tell me that they had booked my ticket and I was leaving in a week. I should’ve been excited, but to tell you the truth, I wasn’t… I was terrified. I wrestled with how I was feeling because in the back of my mind I knew this was something I had to do and should be excited about. So I went to see one of the elders and just told him what the Lord had done for me this far and how I was feeling; he told me that he believed God opened this door for me for a reason. We prayed together and a peace come over me, but when I got home, that same peace left me. No, this wasn’t going to stop me from going, not this time. I had to take this step.

Bags packed and I was on my way to the airport. It’s kind of funny and I don’t quite know how to explain it to you but while going through the Mauritian airport, being in the sky for 12 hours, then going through Heathrow airport and catching a bus down to Bournemouth, the same peace that came over me while previously being prayed for was with me the entire time. It was something I have never experienced before. God did it again. Looking back, I still cant believe I did it. The anxiety that I had been struggling with for a long time was gone; just like that. I overcame. The Lord is so good. I was now in the UK.

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