Seek God at all times!


As I hear the news of the last few days and weeks I grasp how evil seems to be prevailing and people are fearful of the days ahead and I realise how it is essential, ”absolutely necessary; extremely important”, that we all need a Saviour. A God who will fight for us and save us not only from ourselves but from this crooked and perverse generation. As a believer I take comfort in knowing that there is a hope and a future in Jesus, a future and a hope not of this world but one that is ETERNAL.

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Does being born in a christian family make me a Christian?


I was born in a christian family, being brought up knowing who God and Jesus were. I went to children’s church every Saturday, and ‘grown-ups’ church with my parents every Sunday. I was a good girl.
My parents taught me from a young age about God and it gave me a guideline as to how I had to live, to know that God existed and that He had a plan for my life.

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Faith in the work of God

When we are born again, it is a very exciting experience where everything is new and so special! God, by His Spirit, gives us the hope of eternal life, places new desires in our hearts for pure things, and no longer the desire for the things of this world. We are filled with His love, and a new love for those around us, especially the family of God!

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